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Farming Families - Their Stories

These articles from the Bacchus Marsh Scoop share the stories of Moorabool farming families and producers. Click on the article images or links to read more: 


Down to earth Bacchus Marsh Scoop, 7 Apr 2016Bacchus Marsh Scoop, 7 Apr 2016

Innovation, diversity and a low GI spud puts Mark Labbett and his family ahead in the potato game. Kate Sharkey spoke to the potato farmer in Millbrook minutes after he ...


Hard work yields sweet life

Bacchus Marsh Scoop, 18 Mar 2016Bacchus Marsh Scoop, 18 Mar 2016

St Anne's Winery is strong on flavours and big on family.

Owner Allan McLean bought the 220 acre north-sloping property in Myrniong in 1971 from the then Country Roads Board ... 



Genuine free range eggs set the standard

Bacchus Marsh Scoop, 4 Mar 2016Bacchus Marsh Scoop, 4 Mar 2016With no practical farming experience and no idea how to run a business, Vesna Luketic somehow always knew that farming was what she wanted to pursue ...



Milk the way nature made it

Bacchus Marsh Scoop, 19 February 2016Bacchus Marsh Scoop, 19 February 2016

INGLENOOK Dairy is reminding baby boomers of what milk used to taste like and teaching younger generations what real milk is.

In just four years of operation, the Dunnstown based dairy ...   More

Purely pungent

Bacchus Marsh Scoop, 5 Feb 2016Bacchus Marsh Scoop, 5 Feb 2016Harmony Garlic smells better, tastes better and is chemical free. Kate Sharkey talks to a Gordon couple who grow their garlic just as nature intended.


Taste the difference

Bacchus Marsh Scoop, 11 Dec 2015Bacchus Marsh Scoop, 11 Dec 2015

Lou Mawhinney’s bloodlines are just as impressive as her cattle’s. Her family, the Lidgetts, began farming land in Myrniong in 1878. In the 1950s the family started running Hereford cattle ... 


Farming into the future 

Bacchus Marsh Scoop, 27 Nov 2015Bacchus Marsh Scoop, 27 Nov 2015

Clever, cutting-edge land management techniques and strong business skills are helping Chris and Kate Sharkey combat tough and dry conditions on their family run property ...